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What is Web Design?

No one seriously denies the importance of Web Design in Ohio using a marketing campaign or as part of a branding effort. However, not many people understands the reason behind this.

Web Designs means the planning of how your website will look, react and be used. This includes the important aspects such as layout, color contrast, font choice and sizing, and overall appeal to your potential clients eyes. It also includes all navigational aspects and how information will be presented to the end user. It comes as one of the leading reasons that can make or break your digital marketing campaign before people even read a single line or even take a look at a product.


Why a Website is So Important..

The key to earning the trust of your customers starts with the impression they get when they visit your website for the first time. Can you believe that 94% of people tend to not trust a website with a bad website design or anything that looks outdated. This will discourage your visitors from even reading what your Ohio business has to offer. That is why your business needs an expert website designer. Auroxa not only helps you rank higher in SERPs. We also make sure your visitors get to view a visually stunning and easy to navigate landing pages that will help with high you achieve higher conversion rates.

Auroxa Web designers take care of the navigation aspects of your website. Easy and understandable navigation bars and lists make it easy for visitors to navigate through your entire website and provide a clear path to convert visitors

Some other elements that come into play during the design phase. Auroxa web designers have to take brand colors, logos, photos and even catchphrases. This is called Brand Consistency and has a lot of importance during a successful marketing campaign. Also, readability is crucial if you want your content to be read and understood by your visitors. A piece of text that is hard to read or looks drab and boring, will never be read.



Why Choose Auroxa For Your Web Designer?


You’ll never have to wonder if your marketing is working again. Every Auroxa designed website features Google Analytics installed and configured. Google Analytics is an industry leading tool that allows you to effectively track both your online and offline marketing. With Google Analytics, you will actually be able to understand who your visitors are, where they come from, and what they do on your website. This information opens an unlimited number of possibilities for tracking your marketing and understanding your client base.

Search Friendly

What good is having a great looking website if nobody can find it?
One thing that distinguishes a Auroxa designed website from the websites created by many of our competitors is the crisp, clean architecture. Your new website will utilize the latest search engine optimization strategies, making it easy for search engines to read, understand, and index all of your website content. 


Unlike many of our competitors, instead of forcing you into some lame template used by hundreds of other companies, we actually work with you to gain an understanding of your business. Then we will use this knowledge to plan an effective website solution designed specifically for the needs of your business and your customers. The website we produce for your business will be designed from the ground up to meet your business goals and objectives and convert website visitors into new customers

Mobile Friendly

If you don’t have a mobile friendly website, you’re turning away a large percentage of potential customers. You would never think of telling one out of five customers that walk into your store to take a hike. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, that is exactly what you’re doing.
Luckily for you, every website developed by Auroxa is responsive. Our websites are designed from the ground up to look great and function superbly on any type of Internet enabled device including: desktops,tablets, and mobile phones..

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