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Reputation Management in Ohio

What is Reputation Management

Reputation management (also referred to as rep management, online reputation management or ORM) is the practice of shaping public opinion of your Ohio business by influencing online information about you.

A lot of businesses do not understand or know much about online reputation management. Some think it’s just monitoring what Google or Facebook say about you. Others think it may just go away, but most have no idea at all.

Let’s start with the most important – Google.
Today, nearly every Ohio business transaction starts with a inquiry on Google.
and whatever appears about your business on page one of Google is critical. The reason is mostly few people ever click past that first page. So even if your reputation is flawless, and there’s just one bad story or review about you online, it may show up on page one of Google or Yahoo or other search engines and can really hurt your Ohio business.

No Reviews is Good?.

If nothing relevant or good information about you shows up on page one of Google, that’s nearly as bad as a complaint or negative review. And it means that all your hard work – your website and social media profiles — aren’t working as hard for you as they


Why Worry About Your Online Reputation?

Back in the early 2000’s, life in Ohio was much simpler online. Websites were rare, Google didn’t dig so deeply into your private business, and social media didn’t exist. Upset customers didn’t have a potential audience in the thousands to whom they could express their frustration about your business to, except maybe a friend on a cordless phone. Your competitors couldn’t bash your name with anonymous reviews on Yelp or other local Ohio listings.

Those days are gone. Scary Huh?

Today, every one of your customers or potential customer and competitors has an audience. Just one negative review, bad experience, or lie about you can be halfway around Ohio before you ever know it. And there’s nothing you can do to prevent it.

No matter how large your business is, people are talking about you. Your potential customers, vendors, competitors, even hackers – they’re posting comments on blogs or Ohio local review sites … tweeting about your company, posting updates on Facebook or Instagram … the list goes on.

If you think you can ignore this new way of life, you’d better think again.

What We Do

We have a great mobile review system that allows you to dramatically increase your businesses positive online reviews.

As you know, when someone takes the time to go online to post something about your business, it’s usually because something made them mad. Very seldom do customers take that same time to post positive review.

Our system makes it easy for your customers to post positive review about your business through a text message program.

Keep in mind that 99% of the time when someone posts ANYTHING about you or your business online you have no idea about it.

Make sure to contact us about our online reputation management system that constantly tracks any and all posts or mentions about you and your business ANYWHERE on the internet. You will get a report whenever you’d like that will list what people are saying as well as compare you to your competition and how each of you rank online. 

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